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«A Noite do Fado», a journey into the Lisbon song

«A Noite do Fado», a journey into the Lisbon song

Rodrigo Costa Félix

Rodrigo Costa Félix is one of the precursors of the new generation of Fado and heir to the great tradition of male Fado singers in Lisbon.

Professional Fado singer since the age of 17, his versatile career has led him to sing in Fado houses as well as concerts in Portugal and abroad, participating in tv shows and documentaries, or in major record projects and main Fado events.

Among these are the tributes to Amália Rodrigues in Lisbon, Porto, Café Luso and National Pantheon; the show “Sol y Luna – Flamenco y Fado” by the Compañia de Danza Siglo XXI with whom he toured Europe in the years 2000 and 2001; or Mario Pacheco’s show “Clube de Fado-A Música e a Guitarra” at Queluz Palace in June 2005, where he staged alongside Mariza, Camané, Mísia and Ana Sofia Varela, from which a CD/DVD was recorded and edited worldwide by World Connection – distinguished by Songlines Magazine as the best of 2005 in World Music – having Rodrigo later performed with Mariza in The Hague for its international launching.

Rodrigo Costa Félix has a vast concert experience, having performed in Portugal’s main venues (São Carlos Theatre, São João and São Luís theatres, Lisbon and Porto Coliseums, CCB, Aula Magna, etc) as well as internationally in important markets like the US, England, Canada, France, Spain, Benelux, Italy, Germany, Poland, Tunisia and China, among others.

His first solo album, “Fados d’Alma” (2008), very well received by the critics and Fado aficionados, was produced by Mario Pacheco and had an introductory note by Adriana Calcanhotto. There he sang poets like Fernando Pessoa and Vinícius de Moraes, classics like “Vendaval”, “Guitarra Triste” or “Minha Rua” or originals by Mario Pacheco and Fontes Rocha like “Soneto da Fidelidade” or “Balada ao Meu Amor”. Keep reading

Mário Pacheco

The confident and absorbing guitar and compositions of Mário Pacheco are not accidental. They reflect his special dedication to, commitment to, and caring for the art of music, particularly Fado, founded on a familiar tradition.

The son of the guitar player António Pacheco, who played with some of the best Fado artists, Mário Pacheco soon began unveiling the mysteries of the guitar chords and of the melodic ways of Fado compositions.
This born talent was strengthened and expanded by the study of music theory and classic guitar in the Music Academy of Lisbon.
However, he is most captivated by the Portuguese guitar, the musical instrument, which, in his words, “most expressively defines Fado”.
He studies the best guitar players with dedication: Armandinho, Artur Paredes, Carlos Paredes, Pedro Caldeira Cabral and Fontes Rocha.

That’s how he got the foundations, which enabled him to create his own style, both as a guitar player, accompanying the great voices of Amália Rodrigues, Alfredo Marceneiro, Hermínia Silva, Tristão da Silva or Max, with whom his father also played, and, later on, as a composer.

With such a musical background he inevitably got the urge and the inspiration to compose, fully understanding the typical format and harmonies of Fado.
Carlos Zel, Paulo de Carvalho, Ana Sofia Varela, Rodrigo Costa Félix, Mísia, Joana Amendoeira, Camané, Cuca Roseta, Carminho, Mariza, and Amália, all interpret his melodies.

In 1992, his first album appears, “Um outro olhar” – “Another Look” – seeking to translate the way Mário Pacheco’s music reflects a different vision of nostalgia and of how saudade – yearning – and sadness cross their paths, in a harmonious way, opening up to other musical languages, for Fado also expresses and summarizes several other rhythms. To this album, which is a hallmark in the history of Portuguese music, followed “Guitarras do fado” – “Fado guitars” – “Cantar Amália” – “Singing Amália” – and “Guitarra portuguesa” – “Portuguese Guitar”. Keep reading

Friday 10th May 2019, h. 20:30
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Friday 10th May 2019, h. 18:00
Perugia, Morlacchi Theatre Foyer

Introduzione alla canzone urbana di Lisbona
Paolo Scarnecchia conversa con Rodrigo Costa Félix, ingresso libero

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