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Eight concert organizations for a national chamber music offer

A new national committee is born; it brings together important Italian concert organizations with the intention of create opportunities and share projects.

The AMUR Committee was born in May 2020 from the desire to bring together some of the most important institutions in Italy working in the sector of classical music in a single body, with the aim of promoting common activities and objectives. The Committee wants to enhance the concert programming of its members through shared communication tools, but also create opportunities for collaboration and planning, and participate in international networks.
Preceded by the five-year experience of the Network of Musical Associations , the Committee is formed proposing itself as a propulsive and proactive force, for a concrete and national response to cultural life. The value of the system, which has always united the institutions involved, is transformed into a common commitment: the classical music institutions, aware of the moral responsibility and cultural heritage to be handed down to the new generations, intend to stimulate further accessions and as many virtuous unions in Italy and abroad, and at the same time relaunch classical music concerts in the country.

The Società dei Concerti Trieste for Friuli-Venezia Giulia, the Amici della Musica di Padova and the Società del Quartetto di Vicenza for Veneto, the Società del Quartetto di Milano and Fondazione La Società dei Concerti di Milano for Lombardy, the Fondazione Musica Insieme di Bologna for Emilia-Romagna, la Fondazione Perugia Musica Classica ONLUS for Umbria, the Associazione Alessandro Scarlatti (Naples) for Campania. These are the eight historic concert organizations that from Trieste to Naples have felt the need for a shared and national action, with the aim of encouraging the circulation of young professionals and organizing tours for international artists, conferences, cultural trips, events that enrich the cultural life of the country. Fundamental will be the creation of a web portal that will act as a sounding board for individual billboards and common projects, creating a large virtual map of Chamber Music.

Particularly in this difficult moment, the Committee will bring music back to the centre of the country’s life as a means to reactivate the territories in safety thanks to the project Musica con Vista.


Sixteen concerts between July and September 2020, stages of open-air festivals in Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Emilia Romagna, Umbria and Campania. Precisely in this period of emergency, to give voice to Chamber Music in Italy, and thanks to the precious collaboration with Le Dimore del Quartetto , parks, gardens, cloisters and courtyards of historic houses and palaces, an integral part of the identity and cultural heritage of our country, come back to life with the music of the young professional artists most representative of the national music scene, first of all to bear the consequences of the block of activities due to the health emergency.

Chamber Music responds to the need for cultural revival and reactivation of the territories through small open-air concerts capable of stimulating a circular economy of the cultural sector in the total safety of artists and the public. Promoting a new tourism of proximity, the concerts scattered throughout the territory will be accompanied by activities to discover the artistic heritage and other hidden wonders of the territory, enhancing the peripheral areas and activating the local realities. The collaborations that will enrich the offer will be with national partners such as FAI, Touring Club, and Associazione Dimore Storiche Italiane, but above all local with the organization of walking and cycling tours, outdoor painting, wine and local products tasting, readings, art and craft exhibitions.

The national programme will be announced shortly.

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