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A special event that concludes the shows of the cycle «Musica per Crescere»

Sunday 5th May 2019, h. 21:00 | Brecht


Tony & Maria

Musical performance freely inspired by “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare

As every year, the Foundation proposes in spring a «Festa della Musica» that concludes the shows of the cycle «Musica per Crescere». It’s a very well established and stimulating teamwork, in which the young actors and singers of the town – prepared by Giampiero Frondini – present themselves on the stage with the direction and acting of Francesco “Bolo” Rossini, performing music commissioned specifically for the occasion.

The choice this year fell on Tony & Maria, a reinterpretation for the new millennium by our friend “Bolo” of one of the most famous musicals of the twentieth century, “West Side Story”, in turn a reinterpretation of the famous tragedy of William Shakespeare, “Romeo and Juliet”. Two street gangs – modern Capulets and Montecchi – compete for the supremacy of the city district, when love is born between two members of the opposing gangs, the former leader of the “Tornado”, Tony, and one of the girls of the “Barracuda”, Maria.

After the success of the “Ragazzi della Via Pal” two years ago, Filippo Illic Fanò again composed the original music. The performers are the instrumentalists of the Ensemble “Magazzini Babàr”, together with the Children’s Choir and the Youth Choir of the Conservatory “F. Morlacchi” in Perugia, conducted by Franco Radicchia.

Original text by Francesco “Bolo” Rossini

Original music by Filippo Illic Fanò

Artistic coordination by Giampiero Frondini

With Francesco “Bolo” Rossini

And with
Leonardo Alessi, Giorgia Bartoccini, Francesco Bartoccini, Alessandro Cecchini, Bianca Cirimbilli, Olivia Conversano, Ewean Dennis, Gabriele Fedeli, Francesca Occhilupo, Alessandro Pagnotta, Rita Pilia, Luca Rondini, Cristiana Todini, Alessandro Tortoioli

Children’s Choir and Youth Choir of the Conservatory “F. Morlacchi” of Perugia, conducted by Franco Radicchia

And with
Ensemble “Magazzini Babàr”

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