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The Fondazione Perugia Musica Classica Onlus (non-profit) came into being in 2003, thanks to the vision of Franco Buitoni, chairman at the time of the «Amici della Musica» and a refined life-force behind Umbria’s musical activity, with the object of making music: producing it, spreading its influence and increasing a knowledge of, and a love for, music.

The founding partners are four: the Municipality of Perugia, the Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia (the city’s principal bank), the Associazione «Amici della Musica» di Perugia and the Associazione «Sagra Musicale Umbra».

The general point of geographical reference is the whole Region of Umbria, where the consolidated presence of long-established festivals and important concert societies guarantees a fertile terrain for the Foundation’s activities.

The fundamental principle that is a source of inspiration for the programmes and projects of the Fondazione Perugia Musica Classica is governed by an uncompromising attention to quality: the languages may vary, according to the age-groups to which they appeal, but always with an utmost respect for parameters of quality.

Whilst posing as an interface between the Umbrian public and a music world both national and international, the Foundation promotes in every way possible those musicians of the regional territory who give an ample guarantee to respect the fundamental principle of artistic quality.

The internal organisation of the Foundation is made up of three divisions: that of the «Amici della Musica»; that of the «Sagra Musicale Umbra»; and the project «Musica per Crescere» (Music for Growth), aimed at scholastic institutions of every kind and grade. The Fondazione Perugia Musica Classica promotes the season of the Amici della Musica between October and May, the sacred music Festival Sagra Musicale Umbra in September and the scholastic and educational activity during various periods of the year.

In seventeen years of activity, the Foundation has organised concerts performed by the best-known orchestras, choirs, soloists and conductors of the international music scene. Amongst those who deserve mention are Claudio Abbado, Riccardo Muti, Martha Argerich, Daniel Harding, Antonio Pappano, Zubin Mehta, András Schiff, Maurizio Pollini.

The collaboration with the BBT Borletti-Buitoni Trust, which supports the careers of the most promising young international artists, offers the possibility to hear in our Region the emerging talents of the musical world, continuing a uninterrupted tradition of the Amici della Musica di Perugia since its origins in 1946.

As from the 2017-18 season, the Foundation has established a close collaboration with the Fondazione Brunello e Federica Cucinelli, ensuring the widest possible offer of qualified concerts to its public.

Since 2003 there have been seventeen editions of the Roscini Padalino Prize, which offers the possibility to young Umbrian musicians to advance their musical formation by means of annual scholarships.

Young musicians are also the participants in a newly established Competition, the Concorso «San Lorenzo di Montenero», open to the best pupils of Perugia’s «Francesco Morlacchi» Conservatoire.

The Sagra Musicale Umbra, founded in 1937, is Italy’s oldest festival of sacred music, and now includes a biennial international Competition for new choral compositions, the Concorso Internazionale di Composizione Sacra «Francesco Siciliani». Patron of the Competition is the Vatican’s Pontificio Consiglio della Cultura, chaired by His Eminence Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi. Four editions have taken place since 2012, obtaining important world-wide recognition with the participation of composers from all five continents.

The aim of Musica per Crescere (Music for Growth) is to render school pupils of all levels, from primary schools to high schools, more sensitive to music-listening as an activity. At the present time, the project has involved some 50 young Umbrian musicians, performing 470 concerts before 125,000 listeners.

Together with the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Perugia, the Foundation has carried out a special project in recent years, «Musica della Speranza» (Music of Hope), in particular settings, such as the Hospital, the Penitentiary and old people’s homes, as well as programmes for those who suffer from memory deficit.

After the extensive earthquake damage of 2016, the Foundation has paid much attention to bringing comfort to afflicted communities, events that are coordinated within the Regional government’s overall Progetto Cratere (Crater Project): «Campanili Vivi» (two editions, both in the Valnerina and the Val Castoriana); «Correnti del Nera»; special concert performances in Norcia (amongst which the «Restanza»), at the heart of the earthquake damage; concerts planned within the programmes of the Sagra Musicale Umbra; and Workshops in the schools of Norcia, Cascia and Preci.

For some years now, the Foundation has given its support and collaboration to a new symphonic organism created in Umbria, formed almost entirely by young musicians of the Region: the Orchestra da Camera di Perugia (the Perugia Chamber Orchestra).  The Foundation is assisting the artistic development of the Orchestra, not only by offering concert opportunities but also by sharing in an entrepreneurial management model.

The Foundation is a member of the national body AIAM (Associazione Italiana Attività Musicali) and also of the Comitato AMUR (Associazioni Musicali in Rete), with which it organises projects shared together with other important national concert societies.

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